Thames Canoe and Kayak Trips
With so much character and history placed along the banks of the Thames, and wonderful places to stop off, eat, drink and enjoy, it makes a wonderful trip whether you are out for an afternoon or a week.

You have the option of a very leisurely and slow trip in your canoe or kayak, visiting multiple places and taking in the scenery, or you could go at a fast pace and see how much distance you can cover in a short space of time. The choice really is yours.

Whichever you decide we are sure you will have an amazingly memorable adventure and will keep coming back for more.

If you need any help or guidance on deciding which part of the Thames would be best for your trip or if you should be taking a canoe or a kayak then feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help and offer our in depth knowledge of the area.

Organised Itinerary's and Suggested Routes :

Popular DAY Trips :

Castle Eaton - Lechlade  : 
This 6.8 mile trip is the most adventurous of our trips, there are no other motorised traffic or locks and more than a few overhanging trees. Its hard to believe this is the same River Thames as its narrow, bendy and totally rural. Water and snacks are a must as you are very much isolated. The River is flat but care must be taken with low trees and branches.

Lechlade - Radcot ( Swan Hotel )
This 6.3 mile trip is the perfect 3 hour paddle - You will head downstream from Lechlade, pass through St Johns , Buscot and Grafton Locks. This section is also used by Motorised Users so care must be taken. Still very rural but you will see more river users and walkers.  The Swan Hotel provides a great finish line with a warm welcome and a drink.

Lechlade - Tadpole Bridge ( The Trout )

This trip continues from the Swan adding another 4 miles to the journey giving a total of 10.5 Miles . We recommend you factor in a lunch break at the Swan before heading downstream to finish at the Trout. You will pass through Radcot and Rushey Lock. This is the ideal medium paced day trip allowing a decent lunch break.

There is camping at Rushey Lock, This is an ideal 1st night camping spot for Multi day trippers who travelled in the morning and only have the afternoon. Its  only a short 1 mile walk downstream to the Trout Inn .
Rushey Lock House, Buckland Marsh, Faringdon SN7 8RF
01367 870218

Lechlade - Rose Revived Pub ( A415 )
This trip is suited for the more energetic , Its a 16.5 Mile stretch finishing at the Rose Revived Pub - You will need to plan for a full day on the river but with opportunities for breaks at the Swan and/or Trout

For Multi day trippers camping, Another 2.5 Miles downstream gets you to Northmoor Lock. Great campsite and an ideal 1st night spot for those who have a full first day available.

Camping is available here:

Multi Day Trips
We can fully support your trip with our collection service, help you plan and let you get on with enjoying your time on the River.
As a rough guide for open canoes you can expect to cover 3 miles an hour with 2 reasonably fit adults paddling. This can obviously vary and can be affected by wind weather and flow of the river.  Likewise for our 15ft touring kayaks - Expect approx 3 miles per hour.

For those wanting a swift start , we suggest staying in Lechlade the night before either camping or B & B.  We share the site of the Riverside Inn so if you want to fall out of bed straight into the River then this is for you. Likewise the Bridge House campsite is just over the road. They will allow you to leave your car there for a very reasonable fee.

For those travelling to us, you will still get a  reasonable way down the river in only an afternoon. Great camping at Rushey Lock.

You can of course plan your own trip but here are some suggestions for your for 2 and 3 day trips both leisurely or energetic.

Easy Going 2 Day - 1 night camping - Approx 16 miles
Day 1 - A leisurely start completing either 6.5 or 9.5 miles camping at the Swan at Radcot or at Rushy Lock
The Swan Hotel (SU 286 998) Radcot Bridge, Faringdon, Oxon, OX18 2SX Tel: 01367 810220
Rushey Lock (SP 323 002) Tadpole Bridge, Buckland Marsh, Nr. Faringdon, Oxon, SN7 8RF Tel: 01367 870218

Day 2 - A further 7 or 10 miles finishing at the Rose Revived pub, We collect you and get you back to your car in plenty of time for your journey home. If you want to add a bit more distance , we can collect at Bablock Hythe ( another 3 miles downstream )

Easy Going 3 Day - 2 nights camping -  Approx 27 Miles
Day 1 : An afternoon start leaves you with a 6 mile paddle to the Swan at Radcot with plenty time to put up your tent and head for a well earned drink.
Day 2 : Northmoor Lock is your destination  12 miles downstream - Great Camping and a mile walk to the Plough Inn in Appleton.

Day 3 : A steady 8 miles to Kings Lock to another Trout Inn. We come and collect and have you back to Lechlade at a sensible time for your drive home.

Energetic - 2 Day - 1 Night Camping - Approx 34 Miles
Day 1 - 18.5 miles beckons , Northmoor lock is the destination - Don't take too long over lunch !!
Day 2 - 16 miles - Paddle through Oxford and take a time out in one of  the many Riverside Pubs along the River Bank. 
We then collect you at the Kings Arms at Sandford Lock.

Energetic - 3 Day - 2 Nights - 2 Nights Camping  - Approx 58 miles

Day 1 - 18.5 Miles - Northmoor Lock
Day 2 - Approx 20 Miles - Bridge House Campsite
Day 3 - Goring is your goal, another 20 miles away.  Don't worry, we can cut this short if you wish.

Full Length of The THAMES - 5 to 7 days - 130 Miles

We are the most suited provider to meet all the logistics requirements to make a memorable trip down the full length of the Thames.  We will drop you at Castle Eaton ( It becomes too much of a scrape upstream of here ) leaving you a steady 130 miles to Teddington Lock - We have storage barrels and or dry bags, we have a dedicated fleet of touring kayaks and canoes.  We will monitor your progress and will collect you at Teddington Lock. Use our guides and distance planners to make your plan.  We can of course help with this. We don't recommend venturing below Teddington Lock, This is the tidal portion of the Thames and can be difficult and dangerous with lots of traffic.
An option worth considering is to use the train. We will collect you at Swindon Station and get you going either that day or the following morning. When we meet you at Teddington, you can get a lift back or we can drop you off anywhere close to the M4 back to Swindon Area.

A great article with distances and features on the upper Thames  ---  here...

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